* Balanced Budget
* Public Safety
* Improving our Roads
* Integrity
* Fully Staffing Police and Fire
* A Sewer for Downtown
* Business Friendly
* Improved Animal Control and Shelter
* Traffic Enforcement


I am currently the Mayor of Paradise and have served on the Town Council for the past 4 1/2 years. Prior to that I served on the Paradise Planning Commission for 3 years and was the 2013 Chair, I retired
after 34 years with Caltrans so that I could devote my attention to the work of the Town of Paradise. I
was the Caltrans District 3 Director for 13 years, responsible for leading an organization of 1600
emptoyees with a $200 million operating budget and a construction program worth $1.4 billion. I have
significant experience managing a large, complex budget and was responsible for all project
development work in 22 counties north of Sacramento. I have 34 years of experience working with local
agencies on transportation and land use issues. I know how to get things done!


I have a degree in Political Science/Public Service from UC Davis and always knew that I wanted to work in public service. My motivation has been to spend my time doing things that benefit the people.

I also have a certificate in Executive Leadership from California State University at Sacramento.


Casey Taylor
Evie Cameron
Sherry Palade
Don Criswell
Greg Bolin
Scott Lotter
John & Priscilla Rawlings
Alan White
Jim Clarkson
Ken & Monica Hunt
Barbara & Larry Torres
Dr. David & Dana Gajda
Andrea & Clay Reid
Tom & Pam Baker
Glen & Debbie Campbell
Bill & Pam Hartley
Jeff & Linda Marcus
Deborah Touchette
Dean & Pam Fender

Melissa Shuster
Cliff Jacobson
Brian & Mary Gibaldi
Cindy & Cam Haskett
Shannon Hurte
Ron & Shannon Hawkins
Bob & Linda Irvin
Bill & Patty Mannell
Casey & Brian Taylor
Mark Thorp
John Waterman
Sandee Williams
Maureen & Chuck Wisener
Brian & Angie Laws
John & Pat Law
Kelley Conner
Bill & Ann Martin
Nicki Jones
Brad & Janet Jacobson


I'd be honored to earn your vote.